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 About us

Elegant Equine Photography was founded on the beauty of passion & friendship. As best friends & business partners Lana & Britney are blessed to find in one another an adoration for photographic artistry, body positivity & an undying devotion to the world of

Photography & Equine.
Between the two of them they LOVE & SPOIL 8 incredible dream horses. This is not just a business to them, but a lifestyle & life long love that started at a young age & continues to grow even today. Their unique style & excitement for all things photography

shines through in their art.
Lana & Britney specialize in capturing the most unexpectedly beautiful moments; not just in their images but in the experience they offer & in the relationship they build with both humans and horses. This incredible & historical bond is part of their past, present & future & they want to share it with you.

With a focus on self-confidence & self-Love, these personalized photo sessions invoke an emotional awakening that inspires great strength & beauty. Sometimes you just need to channel that inner god or goddess & have fun...the champaign they offer may help too!!! LOL.

Let us show you the elegance & beauty of YOURSELF & the beauty of IMAGINATION…Elegant Life Photography;


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